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Power of Attorney

Succession Law


Making a valid will is the only way to ensure your estate distributed as you intend which is part of your estate planning. GEA Lawyers do not recommend you to us Do-It-Yourself Will Kit because something may be done wrong but no one realises until many years later. GEA Lawyers suggest you to seek legal assistance. GEA Lawyers can help you with planning, drafting, making, executing and keeping your will. If your circumstances change, GEA Lawyers can help you to make necessary change.

Executor or trustee of a will

When a will maker (“testator”) dies and you are the executor or trustee under her or his will, you may be confused how to do. The executor will need to manage the estate according to the terms of will and to protect the assets including obtaining a grant of probate, determining the beneficiaries, distributing assets, preparing account, claiming tax, defending or litigation, etc. The trustee will do ongoing bequests according to the will. GEA Lawyers can give you advice and provide the whole services especially application for a grant of probate and litigation. If you are seeking advice on your will, GEA Lawyers may suggest you to appoint GEA Lawyers as your executor or trustee instead of your relatives or friends. GEA Lawyers are competent to provide such comprehensive services.

Interstate and administration

If you have no left any valid will, your estate will be treated as intestate and distributed based on the pre-determined formula from legislation. Such distribution may not be what you intended or some dispute or litigation may occur behind you. GEA Lawyers can help you to solve the problem earlier. GEA Lawyers can also help you to apply for a letter of administration or to represent you in litigation if there is claim or dispute.

Powers of attorney and Guardianship

During your lifetime, you may think necessary to have someone else to manage your financial matters or to make decision on your health or lifestyle matters. The effective way is to make a Power of Attorney or Guardianship. Power of Attorney is a legal document to authorise someone to manage your financial matters. Guardianship is also a legal document to authorise someone else to make decision on your health and lifestyle matters. Both of them have 2 forms, ordinary and enduring. The difference between the two is that enduring one will be effective after you died or lost your legal capacity.

GEA Lawyers can help you with those documents. Under your instruction, GEA Lawyers can keep those legal documents in our safe and represent you when it is needed. This gives you peace of mind that your legal affairs will be taken care of during your lifetime and long after you are gone.

Legal advice and assistance

With years of experience in succession laws, the lawyers in GEA Lawyers can provide personalised, confidential and premium service to your individual needs. Our service may extend to your investment, taxation, superannuation, trust, relationship and philanthropic needs. Lawyers have a fiduciary responsibility to provide our clients with the highest duty of care to safeguard their interests. If you have felt something wrong but do not know how to do, GEA Lawyers suggest you to seek our advice as early as possible.

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